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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Seniors ‘thrown to the wolves’

Senior citizens are waiting for surgery, thanks to antivaxers filling up the hospitals, a letter writer says

To all seniors in B.C.,
Our doctor tells us that all major surgeries will take two years. 
Then surgeries will only be performed on extreme cases.
My husband is waiting for knee surgery and me potentially back surgery.
Our future is bleak as we couldn’t get into a nursing home for who knows how long?
The old adage that the government is keeping seniors in their own homes as long as possible has gone to the wind.
All I can say is we had better think long and hard about getting a “right to die” in place.
I can’t help but think a lot of this is caused by antivaxers who get COVID-19 are taking up all the hospital beds, and are taxing and jeopardizing all the health care workers with no regard to them. This is due to their ignorance and their belief in all the debunked (stuff) that they read on social media?
Who says we don’t live in a communist country? 
We, the seniors, have worked to make this country what it is today. 
Now, because of our age, we are being thrown to the wolves.
So don’t wait till you are 80 years old to think of surgeries that you may need.
Please, please get vaccinated.
Sue Bliskis,
Prince George