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Letter to the editor: PG on the right path to helping homeless

In Prince George, part of a solution is already underway. 
First Ave module installation
Module installation begins on the First Avenue Supportive Housing Project.

Everyone complains about the homeless problems like Tent City. Well, 98 cities in the United States and Canada are solving that problem and 15 have effectively cured it. In Canada, Medicine Hat, Alberta, is one that has eliminated their homeless problem.

Online, there is a list of cities that have either cured homelessness and those which are working towards that goal. You will note that all of these cities start off with data - a list and history of the individual homeless in their community. That should be started now, perhaps with volunteers.

In Prince George, part of a solution is already underway. All three levels of government are funding two towers on First Avenue, across from the rail yard. I have not seen much of this project recently but it is large and includes a health centre, social workers on site and dedicated to their clients, and probably some recreational spaces and a gym. When completed, this will help many. As but one example, how do you apply for a job without a telephone or address? This project will solve that for the residents.

In my opinion, Prince George has many who complain about the homeless but words are cheap. As a volunteer city, give this project you support. If successful, the streets will be back to as they were and the downtown might revive.

Prince George is not the only city adding this type of facility. I understand that Kamloops is next and others will follow.

Willow Arune

Red Deer