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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Get vaccinated for the children’s sake

The delta variant doesn't care how tough you think you are, letter writer Eugene Fetterly says

This is an open letter to all the misinformed people who refuse to get vaccinated for some perverse reason or other. 
Friends, foes, tough guys and girls alike.
To this day, I still haven’t figured out why I am so passionate about everyone getting vaccinated. Maybe it’s because millions of people have already died of COVID-19 and probably not even one has died directly as a result of the vaccination.
Unfortunately, due to the laws of the land, it is an individual’s right to refuse to get the vaccination. 
So why, pray tell, should I care if they get sick and die? Perhaps I would be well advised to mind my own business and let the almighty karma take its course, as it inevitably always does.
Heaven forbid that they should meet their ultimate demise prematurely due to be being so gullible as to believe the hateful journalism in some of those coffee shop rags, the rantings of conspiracy theorists and the myriad of unchecked internet websites.
But rest assured that I will not be at your funeral. The devil willing, the proverbial naysayers (if and when they meet their maker) will most likely burn in hell and suffer eternal damnation for being so selfish to their families, especially their children.
In closing, get real, get smart and get vaccinated for the sake of the little ones, because the delta variant doesn’t care how big and tough you may think you are.
Eugene Fetterly,
Prince George