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Letter to the editor: Gas prices don’t make sense

For the first time in decades, Prince George and Prince Rupert are paying higher prices than Vancouver.

I am writing this letter to hopefully bring awareness to the blatant price gouging of gas prices in central B.C.

During the initial surge of both WTI and Brent oil to $135-$140 per barrel respectively, prices in B.C. surged together. Right now, the current price of both Brent and WTI are $109 and $104 per barrel, respectively.

It has been in this range for the last three weeks and prices have not dropped in certain areas of the province and I believe it is due to the fact that these oil companies are gouging small towns and cities because there are less eyes on them.

I have laid out a comparison of regular quality gas prices in major areas of B.C. below. The rack prices are based off Petro Canada gas prices as theirs are the most complete.

Vancouver metro price of gas per litre

During surge: $2 - $2.18

Now: $1.89-$2.10

Wholesale rack price: $1.29

Vancouver fuel tax: $0.17/L


During surge: $2.02/L

Now: $1.89L

Wholesale rack price: $1.30.6

Dawson Creek/Fort St. John

During surge: $1.99

Now $1.81-1.89

Prince George and Vanderhoof

During surge: $1.93 - $1.99

Now: No change.

Wholesale rack price $1.26.3

Prince Rupert and Terrace

During surge: $1.99

Now: No change

Wholesale rack price: $1.27

As you can see there has been no change in the Prince George area as well as Prince Rupert but in many areas of the province it has dropped significantly.

For the first time in decades, Prince George and Prince Rupert are paying higher prices than Vancouver. The current gas prices in our regions do not make any sense. How can Vancouver gas cost less than Prince George and Prince Rupert when they have a 17 cent tax that we don’t and their wholesale prices are higher?

Excuses such as “fuel is coming from the south” can’t be made because then Fort St John would have lower prices than Prince George. “Fuel from the north” also can’t be made because in that case, Vancouver would have higher prices. It seems that central B.C. is being targeted by higher prices for its remote locations and it needs to be brought to everyone’s attention. The cost of delivering fuel to the region does not justify the price at the pumps. I urge you to bring this issue forward so people can be held accountable.

Kevin Barredo


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