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Letter to the editor: Doctor’s COVID claims are disappointing

I expect more truth and accuracy from a doctor.
This vax donut chart from the BCCDC website

I do not understand the position taken by Dr. Daryl Leiski, one of the owners of CrossRoads Brewing, as reported in the Prince George Citizen.

The article mentions claims that the decision to keep the vaccine passport in place is to help the immune compromised but admits the virus spreads easily amongst the vaccinated as well.

The claim is then that it is very rare for a vaccinated person to end up in the hospital from COVID, especially someone triple vaccinated, when the BCCDC data actually shows that 60 per cent of those in hospital with COVID are triple vaccinated.

While the general population might be comforted and misled by such assertions, I expect more truth and accuracy from a doctor. If you look at the statistics from the BCCDC site, you will see that there is zero scientific evidence for keeping the vaccine passport in place and doing so is not preventing hospitalizations.

The chart shows the fully unvaccinated make up 14 per cent of the population. If the vaccine had absolutely zero effect on cases, hospitalizations, critical care and/or deaths, we would expect the percentage to also be about 14 per cent for the unvaccinated in each of those situations. And in fact we see that the unvaccinated make up exactly 14 per cent of of COVID cases, 18 per cent of COVID hospitalizations, 24 per cent of critical care cases and only 11 per cent of COVID deaths.

I am very disappointed when COVID misinformation is spread by doctors who should know better.

Sandy Alfonso

Prince George