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Gap between cabinet a simple fix


Q. We purchased a do-it-yourself pantry cabinet that matches our kitchen cabinets, but when my husband tried to install it next to our existing cabinets it won't sit tight to our cabinets because the laminate countertop overhangs the bottom cabinet by a half inch. Should he cut the half inch off, if so, how? Or do we have to replace the countertop? Hopefully, not the latter.

A. You will be happy with my answer for it will cost you a little money and little time. First install the pantry cabinet tight to the existing cabinets. Once everything is plumb and level measure the distance between the upper cabinets and lower cabinets and cut a filler strip to fill the gap. Paint or stain to match the cabinets and screw into place through the new cabinet, filler strip and into the existing cabinets.


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