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Editorial: Local Olympians have earned your support

They have been chosen as Canada’s best hope to medal in their respective sports.
Meryeta O'Dine 3
Meryeta O'Dine (2nd left) of Prince George competes in women's snowboardcross for Canada's national team (via Snowboard Canada)

Please don’t let political views on the Olympics in general and next month’s Winter Olympics in China in particular dampen appreciating the accomplishments of the local athletes who will wear the Maple Leaf and compete for gold in their respective sports.

The way to look at it is Meryeta O’Dine in snowboard cross and Sarah Beaudry and Emily Dickson in biathlon have been named to Team Canada. They have been chosen as Canada’s best hope to medal in their respective sports. They have worked and trained hard for years to be among the world’s best and we should be proud of them as ambassadors of Prince George (and Dickson of Burns Lake) on the international stage.

Yes, there is much to criticize about the Summer and Winter Owe-lympics and China as a host of this event is hard to swallow for Canadians concerned with human rights. The Chinese government’s treatment of the two Michaels was disgraceful and it continues its cyber mischief against Canada and its allies.

The time difference and the fact there isn’t a Team Canada men’s hockey team stacked with Connor McDavid and the other top NHL stars will already reduce interest in the Games but there are still many reasons to cheer on the Canadian Olympic team, starting with the three outstanding young women from here.

Way to go, Meryeta, Sarah and Emily. We’re so proud of you and we wish you all the best in China.