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America finally gets it right

It's morning in America again. After the long night of Obama's reign that has not seen any real or meaningful growth in the U.S.

It's morning in America again.

After the long night of Obama's reign that has not seen any real or meaningful growth in the U.S. economy except for debt and inflation, a prominent business man will be at the helm of the most powerful, prosperous and democratic country the world has ever known on Jan. 20.

Defying all odds and expectations by "experts," Donald J. Trump is officially the 45th president-elect of the United States of America.

He's no saint.

But he is an American and unmistakably so, unlike his predecessor or his opponent.

He yells and cusses, he speaks with a cadence that he learned from his neighborhood not an elocution coach and he wants to give his electorate jobs - which in turn connects to paying down the debt, improving infrastructure and making health insurance affordable.

This message resonated so strongly in key states that had been blue for decades, they became the bedrock of his victory.

He's a New York Republican and he does have a certain Teddy Roosevelt smugness to his walk.

Many have tried saying he's Biff in Back to the Future 2, but really he's just a meaner version of Uncle Buck.

He has basic American goals and values at his core and he's tired of a system that has failed to deliver over and over again.

Now he's "our SOB" to quote the other Roosevelt.

The chattering classes are up in arms, shocked at his meteoric rise just as they were with Brexit.

But yet again, liberals, leftists, their entitled adherents and their dithering donors have failed to see the simple fact that is plain to the common voter: the emperor has no clothes.

The average American does not care what the editors in the big cities think - for that matter the average Canadian doesn't either - but because he is force fed a progressive, self-harming political attitude through state media, he cannot shake the outside influence entirely.

What is misunderstood by those comfortably sequestered behind news desks, government jobs and the sea of redundant management throughout the coastal states is that the average voter feels no further ahead than eight years ago.

In fact, many people feel that things have only gotten worse since Bill Clinton's second term onward.

Promises from the establishment to address concerns around immigration and jobs have come up so short, working-class Democrats, Republicans, and independents chose insurgent candidates from the primaries to E-day.

Make America Great Again was Trump's slogan and it perfectly captures what the entire nation has been yearning for: the American Dream to become an attainable reality once again, through hard work and prudent fiscal choices.

After decades of globalization, trade deficits, and foreign wars that never end, the American people were ready to put themselves and their nation first again - Trump carried that banner, and now he will carry it all the way to the White House.

I am full of congratulations for the American people and their newly elected leader.

There is no shortage of challenges for Trump to face in succeeding Obama and I'm sure the transition period will be intense.

But I am certain that this truly is a dawning of a new age for America and the world; for my entire lifetime, America has been mismanaged and run aground by its political class over and over again.

Secretary Clinton was the ultimate embodiment of these failed actions.

But with the election of Donald Trump, America has a chance to recapture its lost heritage as the "land of opportunity."

In the end, I doubt Trump will ever be awarded a Nobel prize for his actions as president, but perhaps he will earn a place on Mount Rushmore, which is better.