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Week 13: Prince George Senior Men’s Baseball playoff recap

Orioles undefeated in triple knock-out format, Gladiators eliminated from contention
Sliding into home plate!! (via Kyle Balzer)

Highlights from Prince George’s Senior Men’s Baseball League (PGSBL) playoffs ending Friday (Aug. 23).

Tuesday, Aug. 20 (First of two games)

  • 11 - Inland Control and Services Tigers
  • 2 - Prince George Surg Med Midget Knights

The Tigers claimed the first 2019 playoff games convincingly.

Tuesday, Aug. 20 (Second of two games)

  • 7 - JRJ Construction Orioles
  • 0 - D.O.B Contracting Gladiators

The Orioles won this game by forfeit as the Gladiators could not produce a full roster.

Wednesday, Aug. 21 (First of two games)

  • 5 - JRJ Construction Orioles
  • 3 - Queensway Auto World Mariners

The O’s second win of the post-season one could argue is their first legitimate win after capturing their first game by forfeit of the Gladiators.

The Mariners may have done better on the mound, but some costly errors in the fifth inning allowed the designated visitors to score often.

Orioles rightfielder Paul Wilson recorded two one-run RBI singles, getting on base three times in his four at-bats in the game.

Wednesday, Aug. 21 (Second of two games)

  • 5 - Prince George Surg Med Midget Knights
  • 3 - D.O.B Contracting Gladiators

Knights catcher Luka Kim’s double in the second inning scored three runs and made room for Leigh Peebles to bring him in, making it a four-run frame.

This was the second loss of the playoffs for the Gladiators, who were able to put a roster together for this tilt, but it sent them to the first elimination match.

Thursday, Aug. 22 (First of two games)

  • 11 - Queensway Auto World Mariners
  • 5 - Prince George Surg Med Midget Knights

Brandon Hunter grand-slammed in the second inning, while Tyler Clement homered in the fifth, aiding the Mariners to the convincing victory.

Hunter had two-men out prior to his four-run gunslinger over the leftfield wall; he was also intentionally walked in his next at-bat in the fourth frame.

The Knights scored all five of their runs in the fourth inning and collectively only struck out five times despite the loss.

Thursday, Aug. 22 (Second of two games)

  • 8 - JRJ Construction Orioles
  • 5 - Inland Control and Services Tigers

The O’s handed the Tigers their first loss of the post-season, dropping them to 1-1.

Friday, Aug. 23 (First of two games)

  • 4 - Queensway Auto World Mariners
  • 2 - Inland Control and Services Tigers

Curtis Sawchuk averaged one strikeout per inning in helping the Mariners move on the playoffs.

The teal and white had three stolen bases in the fifth inning, which resulted in a three-run frame to get to a 4-0 score.

Adam Norn and Lyle Boutin were able to score a pair of RBIs, but it wasn’t enough and the Tigers are one game from elimination.

Friday, Aug. 23 (Second of two games)

  • 9 - Prince George Surg Med Midget Knights
  • 8 - D.O.B Contracting Gladiators

This game saw three lead changes in the final three innings of play, which saw the Knights come out on top and keep their season alive.

Pitcher Jacob Ross came in for Nolan Hull after giving up six runs through the first three frames and earned eight strikeouts on the hill, while the batting order saw six hits in the contest.

Gladiators’ Joseph JenVenne threw 139 pitches and his team got eight hits, but the Knights’ defense remained intact.


  • 3-0 = Orioles
  • 2-1 = Mariners
  • 2-2 = Knights
  • 1-2 = Tigers
  • 0-3 = Gladiators (Eliminated)

The D.O.B Contracting Gladiators lost three games and, by virtue of the league’s new triple-knockout format, are eliminated from the post-season.

The 2019 PGSBL playoffs continue Monday, Aug. 26, 7 p.m. at Citizen Field when the Orioles take on the Mariners.