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Water main break closes downtown intersection

-28 C chill puts strain on underground Prince George infrastructure
City crews respond to a water main break at Second Avenue and Dominion Street that forced closure of the adjacent roads and sidewalks Monday afternoon.

Bitter cold temperatures above ground let to a major headache underground in downtown Prince George Monday afternoon.

A cast iron water main that was installed in 1968 broke at the northwest intersection of Second Avenue and Dominion, forcing closure of the roads and sidewalks in the area. Five adjacent businesses are without water service as a result.

City crews are on the scene repairing the break, first reported at about 2 pm.. It’s estimated the repairs will take about 12 hours to complete and water access will be restored by about 2 a.m. Tuesday.

The daytime temperature Monday reached only -28 C as the city remain sunder the grip of a ridge of Arctic air that, combined with a light wind, dropped windchills to -35 C. The cold snap is expected to continue until Friday.