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VIDEO: Watch this 'frisky' bear dance with a rake on a golf course

The rake dancing bear on the golf course. (via @abkbb/Instagram)

Usually when the bruins are on the golf course, it’s after a deep playoff run.

But golfer Ken Bayne rolled footage of the “frisky” young bear attempting to make off with a rake on the 18th hole of Northlands Golf Course in North Vancouver Monday morning (Oct. 28).

Bayne and his group had encountered the young bear earlier in the game, darting out of the bushes on the 15th hole and swimming in a water hazard on the 16th hole.

“We went over to take a picture while he took one look at us, got out of the pond and came up onto the fairway,” Bayne says. “He was a pretty healthy-looking bear. It was amazing — beautiful, beautiful coat. And frisky. He turned and looked at us and then kind of wandered off into the bush over to the 18th fairway.”

When they happened by the bear again, it started to amble off but then saw a plaything it couldn’t resist. It might have looked like the bear was practicing martial arts or perhaps performing a tribute to Fred Astaire dancing with a hat rack, but Bayne said it looked like just good clean fun.

“He ran at the sand trap and the rake was sitting there and he just stopped and started tossing this rake around,” Bayne says. “The bear played with a rake for 30 or 45 seconds, tossing it in the air and he was having a great time and then he just picked the thing up and ran into the bush. … It was pretty funny to watch, I must admit.”

Earlier in the month, residents spotted a bear snatching a gardener’s shoe and tossing it into the Seymour River.

— Brent Richter, North Shore News


This beautiful fellow joined us to play the 18th at Northlands yesterday. Had some trouble with the grip!

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