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VIDEO: Grizzly bear fight caught on camera in Northern B.C.

bear fight
Two bears were recently caught scrapping in Northern B.C. (via Cari McGillivray)

A wild scene was recently caught on camera in Northern B.C.

Cari McGillivray was driving on Highway 37A between Stewart and the Meziadin Junction when she came upon two grizzly bears who clearly were having some type of disagreement.

McGillivray captured video of the giant bears growling at each other, before coming to blows, right on the highway.

One of the beefing bears ends up tackling the other off the road and into the bushes, before they part ways, running in the direction of McGillivray.

To add to the wildness of the encounter, a wolf can be seen a ways down the road, watching the altercation go down.

“This was by far one of my favourite wildlife encounters I have ever had,” McGillivray posted to Facebook.

The video, posted Friday, has been viewed more than 93,000 times as of Saturday afternoon.

Nicholas Johansen, Castanet