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VIDEO: Driver uses bike lane to pass other vehicles in this B.C. city

(via YouTube/ MarkWilburnTLM)

Richmond has certainly become well-known for its crazy incidents on the road and yet another driver has struck again, this time using a bike line as a passing lane.

A video uploaded to YouTube shows a driver in a white Toyota Yaris using the bike line on the right side of Garden City Road to pass another vehicle before turning onto Lansdowne Road.

“There is no lane to my right, but the Yaris driver disagrees with me,” says YouTube user MarkWilburnTLM who uploaded the video last month.

Another YouTube user commented under the video, pointing out another driving infraction seen in the video.

“Not only do you have the white car passing illegally on the right, but you have the white van illegally crossing a solid white line. However the imaginary third lane is a chronic problem,” they said. “That'll never change sadly´╗┐.”

- Alyse Kotyk, Richmond News