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Trashy surprise;drive-by litterbug angers local resident man

Pile of garbage carelessly tossed by passing motorist in residential P.G. neighbourhood
Rob Hall garbage
Rob Hall half-filled this box with garbage left scattered in his residential Prince George neighbourhood on Bednesti Crescent by a careless motorist early Friday morning.

Robert Hall got a disgusting surprise while out for a morning bike ride in his suburban Prince George neighbourhood early Friday morning.

Not far from his house on Bednesti Crescent he came across a pile of trash somebody had obviously dumped from a vehicle sometime during the night.

The bulk of the garbage left on the street was McDonald’s wrappers and there was also a pile of spaghetti, a BMO bank machine receipt and a store receipt from WalMart. Hall went back to his house, got a plastic bin and swept up the mess, leaving the spaghetti for the crows to eat.

He’s angry at the culprit who dumped the trash and says whoever did it needs to wake up and realize their careless act is a habit that needs to stop. He’s appalled some people have no respect for maintaining a clean environment and says it left a sour impression on his two young grandsons when he showed them the pictures of the garbage lying on their street.

“I was very pissed, ,” said Hall. “They dumped it out of their car, for sure.

“The kids were totally dumbfounded and I’m trying to teach them the right way to do things. I’m over it now but I’m not over the fact people can actually go out and do that. They have all kinds of time to play on their phone and all kinds of time to do other stuff, can’t they pull up to a garbage can and get rid of it.”

Hall says litterbugs need to be fined to make them think twice before they toss their garbage to the ground but realizes the police are powerless do anything to enforce the law unless the culprit is caught in the act by a witness or video surveillance.

“The police won’t do anything unless you know the vehicle or you have their licence plate number - they won’t do anything about this,” said Hall. “There should be a $500 fine involved in this. I know (from the bank receipt) they only have $720 in their account, so they can’t afford it.”

He says his neighbourhood is usually kept clean by residents and when he does see a piece of litter he’ll always pick it up or come by with a claw on a stick to grab it.

“People have to start picking up more, if nobody does it nothing gets done,” Hall said.

He says he doesn’t have to look far to see examples of nature’s beauty growing in the city and picked a bunch of wildflowers to take home to his grandkids.

“I hope people realize that this is a beautiful world we live in and why can’t you take the time out to take care of it and get rid of garbage where it’s supposed to be,” he said. “Carry a garbage bag around in your car. I’d just like to see people pick up after themselves.”