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Three more COVID deaths in Northern Health

Region's toll now stands at 321

The COVID-19 pandemic has claimed three more lives in Northern Health since Tuesday.

The deaths raise the total for the region since the pandemic was declared to 321.

Northern Health accounted for 34 of the 241 new cases reported in B.C. on Thursday.

Across the province, 298 people were hospitalized with COVID-19 - the lowest total since January 4 - and 49 were in intensive care.

Adjusted for age, 52,1 British Columbians per 100,000 were hospitalized with the ailment between March 2 and 15. Those not vaccinated accounted for 30.5 ot them, partially vaccinated for 15 and fully vaccinated for 6.6, according to Ministry of Health numbers.

As of Thursday, 93.7 per cent of all eligible adults in B.C. have received their first dose, 91.3 per cent their second dose and 58.7 per cent a third dose.

Including those 12 and older, the figures stood at 93.4 per cent for first doses, 90.9 per cent for second doses, and 56.8 per cent for third doses.

And once those five and older are included, 90.8 had a first dose and 86.9 per cent a second dose.