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This Prince George woman is raising money for a five-year-old girl battling cancer

Kristy Berger started the campaign to help Sarah and her family
Five-year-old Sarah is fighting neuroblastoma. (via Gofundme)

A five-year-old girl from Prince George is a long way from home, fighting neuroblastoma for the second time.

Her name is Sarah, and she is currently in Vancouver receiving treatment with her mom, dad, younger sister, and two older brothers by her side.

“She has been on and off battling this for two years,” family-friend Kristy Berger tells Prince George Matters. “In early 2017 she was down in Vancouver and then she was in remission for about a year and now she is back down there with another mass doing chemo.”

Berger has started a Gofundme campaign to help the family as they support Sarah through her illness.

“Her dad has given everything up for his family in order to go through this and be there for them and especially be there for Sarah,” says Berger. “He has given up everything and I just wanted him to feel like the universe is on his side because it is.”

Berger says Sarah’s parents are unable to work as they are by her side at B.C. Children’s Hospital and the financial toll of the situation has caused them to lose their home.

“They are definitely family oriented,” says Berger.  “Whenever her dad goes anywhere he always brings the family -  all six of them.”

Berger says the family is optimistic about Sarah’s illness.

“Her treatment is ongoing. They are all pretty optimistic, but she is going through a hard time. She is losing hair and feeling sick…somedays she is more energetic, some days she is not. It pretty much comes with the territory of treatment.”

So far the campaign has raised $1,120 which is over half of the $2,000 goal, but Berger hopes to keep raising funds once the goal is reached.

“I know that we all have lives and some people can’t afford anything and some people can only afford a dollar, but literally a nickel would help, even just helping to spread the word is all I ask when it comes to helping,” says Berger.

“The more I can get these guys, the more help they will get, and the happier I’ll be about it because, like I said, they have given up everything to go through this and they need the help and they are good people.”

You can donate to the Gofundme campaign “Sarah and her Family” here.