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This city has the best flag in all of British Columbia

The City of Burnaby has the best flag in all of British Columbia, according to CBC reporter Justin McElroy.

Burnaby is finally number 1 – Burnaby’s flag that is.

On Friday afternoon (Nov. 30), CBC municipal affairs reporter Justin McElroy announced that Burnaby’s flag, featuring a majestic eagle bordered by the Fraser River and Burrard Inlet, is the best municipal flag in all of British Columbia.

This announcement comes six days after McElroy set out on Twitter to rank all 130 flags representing communities in the province. The flags were ranked out of a possible score of 10 based on the following criteria: clarity (up to four points); esthetic/gusto (up to three points); and symbolism/context (up to three points), according to McElroy.

A panel of 10 people (including McElroy) helped grade all 130 flags.

Burnaby’s flag finished in first place with 7.89 points.

Here’s what McElroy had to say about the city’s flag:

  • Really bold, but it all comes together
  • Little tips of white at the end of the feathers are *chef's kiss*
  • Discs are Burnaby and Deer Lake, the water above and below are the Inlet and the Fraser, so many good details!

The Kamloops Flag came in 113th place. His notes included:

  • Whyyyyyyy did you put the name of the city on here
  • Otherwise it would just be another version of "a boring colonial crest does not equal a flag", which you'll start seeing more of


Prince George, meanwhile, did a lot better, ranking 18th:

  • Simple, symmetrical, strong colours, but with interesting wrinkles: hey look ma, a real flag!
  • I get the desire for both snowflakes and a flower, but they're too similar in shape and it's jarring
  • Also blue flowers are strange


- Cayley Dobie, Burnaby Now