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Third Air Canada flight out of Prince George exposed to COVID-19: BCCDC

Vancouver to YXS flight on Oct. 18 listed
Air Canada. (via File photo)

An eighth flight involving Prince George's airport has been exposed to COVID-19.

The BC Centre for Disease Control (BCCDC) says a third Air Canada flight to or from YXS was added this evening (Oct. 29).

Flight 8209 from Vancouver to Prince George on Oct. 18 is being listed after a confirmed case(s) of COVID-19 was detected, but the rows affected by the exposure have not been reported at this time.

Passengers aboard this flight are being asked to monitor their symptoms.

The BCCDC adds, since March 27, passengers seated near a case of COVID-19 that was recognized after arrival are no longer being directly notified of their potential exposure, but are asked to check online and monitor their symptoms.

This is the second COVID-19 flight exposure reported with Prince George as the origin or destination.

The other local flight exposures since the start of the pandemic are as follows: