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The 5 best mountain biking trails to explore in Prince George

The definitive guide for where you should be mountain biking in the city
Prince George offers world class mountain biking (via Facebook/Prince George Cycling Club).

With so many great trails to ride, it's no wonder that mountain biking is booming in Prince George. It would be a feat to ride them all in a single season.

Given the variety of trails and the abundance of wilderness in Prince George, the city can proudly boast world-class mountain biking for people of all skill levels.

Riders can even freshen up their technical skills at either the new skills tracks at Duchess Park or Pidherny before they head out and tackle a double-black diamond trail at Tabor Mountain. 

While experienced Prince George riders know all the best spots like the back of their hand, here's a list of the best spots for anyone who wants to get out and enjoy the mountain biking scene in the city:

1. Pidherny

Pidherny Recreation Site is the place to go for mountain biking in Prince George. It offers an extensive network of trails with both natural obstacles and man-made structures and jumps. The trails are accessed from Foothills Boulevard and run all the way to Pidherny Road. Groups with multiple vehicles can even set up shuttles from the upper parking lot to the gate at the bottom of Pidherny Road or riders can hike back up using the 10 Dollar trail which takes about 10 minutes. The site has a wide range of beginner and advanced trails suitable for all types of riders and, as previously mentioned, there is a skills park near the top parking lot off of Foothills Boulevard. Check out Piderny trail guides to plan your next ride! 

2. Otway

There's a large network of cross-country skiing trails at Otway Nordic Centre, commonly known as Otway, that are used for mountain biking in the spring, summer and fall. The site has 55 kilometres of trails, which provide a great ride for people of all skill types, including many options for beginners. The trails are single-track and have excellent signage at each junction. Otway is a great option for people who are looking for more of a cross-country ride rather than an extreme downhill experience. Check in with the Caledonia Nordic Ski Club for more information on the trails and conditions

3. Tabor Mountain

Tabor Mountain Ski Resort, located 20 km east of Prince George, has about 11 lift-assisted trails that are open to riders in the summer. They range from easy to intermediate, black diamond or double-black diamond trails. The trails were developed by the Association of Caledonia Trail Builders, who came together to design high-quality single-track mountain bike trails on Tabor Mountain. Check in with the Tabor Mountain Ski Resort for a mountain biking trail map that provides information on the difficulty and location of each trail.  

4. Cranbrook Hill

Cranbrook Hill is a classic spot for mountain biking in Prince George. It's common to see vehicles parked at the bottom of Cranbrook Hill near the Forests for the World sign on Foothills Boulevard, as riders have headed to the top of the hill to ride the trails that lead back down to Foothills. These trails include the Badonkadonk, Hells Highway and the Holy Trail. There is also a trail network that branches off the Cranbrook Hill Greenway trails and Forests for the World. These are some of the oldest biking trails in Prince George and are perfect for a technical cross-country rider. There's not tons of climbing or descending, the trails are challenging and diverse. Riders can access the Greenway trails from Tyner Boulevard just past the main entrance to University of Northern British Columbia or through the Forests for the World parking lot area on Keung Road.

 5. Heritage River Trails

The Heritage River Trail System is perfect for a laid-back ride on a nice day. It's a slower change of pace that offers a scenic ride along the Nechako and Fraser rivers and may be the perfect choice for someone who is just beginning their Prince George mountain biking journey. The trails are also connected to major city parks like Cottonwood Island, Lheidli T'enneh Memorial, Hudson's Bay Wetland and Carrie Jane Gray Park. Including the Carney Street alternative route and side trails, the Heritage River Trail System offers a circuit of more than 11 km throughout the city.