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Spirit of the North Healthcare Foundation receives $5,600 donation from UNBC JDC West team

Students’ annual Chillin’ for Charity was different in 2020 amid COVID-19
UNBC JDC West 2020-21 Chillin for Charity
The 2020-21 UNBC JDC West team raised $5,622 from its virtual Chillin' for Charity campaign for the Dedicated Molecular Diagnostic Lab at UHNBC.

A key resource at University Hospital of Northern BC (UHNBC) during the COVID-19 pandemic is set to expand with the help of Prince George post-secondary students.

UNBC JDC West raised $5,622 from its 2020 virtual installment of Chillin’ for Charity, earmarked for Spirit of the North Healthcare Foundation and all of the proceeds are being put towards the Dedicated Molecular Diagnostic Lab.

Working with physician lead Dr. Randy Dumont, the money is set to purchase new testing platforms in allowing more testing capacity for both COVID-19 and influenza patients across the region.

This will aim to bring more rapid test results, providing relief for front-line clinicians when it comes to making important decisions in giving the best care possible.

“Molecular diagnostics is a rapidly expanding field and is considered the gold-standard of testing, providing more rapid and accurate results than traditional methods such as cultures or microscopy,” reads UNBC JDC West’s online fundraiser page.  

“In the future, this service could potentially be expanded to allow molecular testing of infections such as HIV, diarrheal illnesses, malaria, as well as many other infectious diseases.”

In the last several years, the business team has raised more than $200,000 for Spirit of the North Healthcare Foundation to buy much-needed equipment for UHNBC.

Chillin’ For Charity took place in November last year, but looked very different compared to its traditional jumping into a cold pool in freezing cold temperatures.

Amid the pandemic, the 2020-21 campaign went online with a series of challenges submitted by members, such as eating hot peppers, stuffing mouths with marshmallows, waxing legs, costume contests, and, of course, dumping buckets of ice water on themselves. 

Christian Clark-Gray of UNBC JDC West’s operational management team raised the most funds as an individual, bringing in $630 for the cause, while the entrepreneurship team contributed the biggest group total at $730 courtesy of Sooraj Banger, Aleisha Ramsey and Sam Schneider.

For more information about the team, you can visit its website.