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Update: Candidates step forward in regional district election

Nomination deadlines were extended in two contests within the Regional District of Fraser-Fort George, after not enough candidates came forward.
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Currently, only one electoral area in the Regional District of Fraser-Fort George will have an election on Oct. 15.

Additional candidates have let their names stand, after the nomination period for two contests in the Regional District of Fraser-Fort general election had to be extended because not enough candidates came forward.

No candidates came forward in Electoral Area F (Willow River-Upper Fraser Valley) by the end of the nomination period on Friday, Sept. 9. Kevin Dunphy, the incumbent director for the area, was the only candidate to come forward after the nomination period was extended until 4 p.m. on Monday and will be elected by acclimation.

Only two candidates came forward to run for the Bear Lake Community Commission by the Sept. 9 deadline: Sandra McClure and David Nicholson. The commission is made up of four locally-elected members, and the regional district director for Electoral Area G (Crooked River-Parsnip).

After the deadline was extended to Monday, three additional candidates - Jennifer Hebert, Thomas Kendall and Marlaina McClure - came forward to run for the seats on the commission. With five candidates for four seats, there will be an vote on Oct. 15 in Bear Lake.

Only a single candidate came forward in Electoral Areas C, D, E, G and H of the district, meaning the candidates will be declared elected by acclimation.

Incumbent board chairperson Art Kaehn will return to represent Electoral Area E (Woodpecker-Hixon), incumbent vice-chairperson Lara Beckett will represent Electoral Area C (Chilako River-Nechako), incumbent directors Bill Empey and Dannielle Alan will represent Electoral Areas D (Tabor Lake-Stone Creek) and H (Robson Valley-Canoe) and new director Jerrilyn Kirk will replace outgoing director Pat Crook in Electoral Area G (Crooked River-Parsnip).

In Electoral Area A (Salmon River-Lakes) there will be an election to replace outgoing director Warren Wilson. Kyanna Coe and Victor Mobley have put their names forward as candidates.

The regional district board is made up of seven rural directors representing Electoral Areas A, C, D, E, F, G and H (there is no area B), four representatives of Prince George city council, and one councillor each from the District of Mackenzie, Village of McBride and Village of Valemount.

Currently outgoing Mayor Lyn Hall, outgoing councillor Murry Krause, city councillor and mayoral candidate Terri McConnachie and incumbent city council candidate Kyle Sampson represent Prince George on the regional district board.

Mackenzie Mayor Joan Atkinson, McBride village councillor Allan Frederick and Valemount Mayor Owen Torgenson currently sit on the board.

The final meeting on the current board will be held on Oct. 20, and the new board will be sworn in on Nov. 16.