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Regional district considering security upgrade for downtown office

A $505,000 security upgrade is proposed for the Regional District of Fraser-Fort George's office next to the Millennium Park encampment in downtown Prince George.
An encampment at Millenium Park, located at the corner of First Avenue and George Street in downtown Prince George, has expanded onto the lawn of the Regional District of Fraser-Fort George offices.

A planned $505,000 security upgrade to the Regional District of Fraser-Fort George’s offices at 155 George St., next to the Millennium Park encampment, will be going before the district board of directors for consideration on Thursday.

Funding to redesign the landscaping around the office and add secure parking for employees and people visiting the office was included in the 2023 budget, district CAO Jim Martin wrote in a report to the board. Regional district administration is requesting the board’s approval to sole-source the engineering and project management to Stantec Consulting Ltd. to get the project done this year.

“As with other businesses in the area there is a need to increase security features around the 155 George Street office building so that risks to the public and our employees are reasonably mitigated,” Martin wrote in his report. “The addition of a secure parking area in the existing front lawn area is one of these mitigation measures and Administration would like to advance that project so it can be completed in the summer of 2023.”

Once the design work is complete, a competitive bid process will be held for the construction works, Martin added, and the total cost of the project won’t be known until the bidding process is completed.

“Funding for this project will be a combination of reserves and/or grant funding,” Martin wrote. “At this time, Administration believes the allocated funding should be sufficient to cover the project.”