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Proposed modular home park in Hart rejected

Council defeated the third reading of a rezoning to facilitate a 27-acre modular home park on Twinberry Drive on Wednesday night.
This map shows the proposed location of a mobile home park (shown in hashmarks) on Twinberry Drive in the Hart.

On Wednesday night, city council defeated a proposed rezoning bylaw to facilitate the development of a modular home park on Twinberry Drive in the Hart.

Westcan Property Ltd. was seeking to rezone 11 hectares (27 acres) of the 52.4 ha. property at 9153 Twinberry Dr. to facilitate a new modular home park. Under the proposed zoning, a maximum of 220 mobile homes would be allowed on the 11 ha. area.

City council approved the first two readings of the rezoning on March 27, but rejected third reading of the bylaw on Wednesday. City council received 18 letters and emails from area residents opposed to the proposed development, one raising concerns and six in support.

“I went out there when the snow had already been melting for two or three weeks - I couldn’t even turn my vehicle around in one of those streets, I had to actually back all the way out. (And) there is no public transit out there that I know of,” Coun. Brian Skakun said.

The road infrastructure simply isn’t built to accommodate that many new residents, he said.

“I don’t believe it really fits with the form and character of the neighbourhood,” Coun. Ron Polillo said.

Coun. Cori Ramsay was the sole voice in support of the application, noting that under the current zoning of the land, the applicant could build an estimated 286 single-family homes on the site.

“There is a difference between modular homes and mobile homes,” Ramsay said. “I think… the form and character can be retained, so I will be supporting this. (But) I do understand the concerns of the neighbourhood.”