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Prince George’s Treasure Cove Casino was a prize on the Price is Right

A contestant from California won a six-night stay at Treasure Cove
A trip to Prince George was a prize on the Nov.12 episode of the Price is Right on CBS. (via Facebook/Prestige Treasure Cove)

How much would you bid for a trip to Prince George?

The classic television show The Price is Right on CBS showcased a little bit of Prince George, featuring a trip to B.C.’s northern capital as a prize.

A Price is Right contestant from Placentia, CA won a six-night stay at the Prestige Treasure Cove Casino Hotel in Prince George on the show today (Nov 12).  

The contestant also won limo transportation around the city and a $500 dining credit to the Grand Trunk Tavern.

The prize was featured in the episode’s fourth game.

“When producers approached us to participate, it was a no brainer. It’s such a legendary game show to be a part of, and we’re thrilled that the contestant won the prize and we’ll have the opportunity to showcase our beautiful city to him,” says hotel owner Craig Briere in a news release.

Briere says the prize provides huge exposure to the city of Prince George and to the hotel.

The game show is watched by more than 5.4 million Americans every day in addition to Canadian fans.

Treasure Cove is currently undergoing a massive expansion which includes 40 guestrooms, 2700 sq. ft. event space, and a grand penthouse.

The expansions are planned to be finished by summer 2020.

“It’s a very exciting time for us,” says Briere, in the release. “We can’t wait to show off our new property to this prize winner, as well as to all upcoming guests.”