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Prince George's new dog park is now open

It's on Southridge Avenue in College Heights
dog park
The City of Prince George's new off-leash dog park is now open in College Heights.

A new off-leash dog park in College Heights is now open for pets and their owners.

The city advised Wednesday that, with the exception of some line painting in the parking lot, the park on Southridge Avenue is ready. It's located between St. Anthony Crescent and Dakelh Ti (formerly O'Grady Road), beside the existing ice rink. It's on city-owned property and has off-street parking.

The rules for the dog park:

  • Dogs must remain under the owner's control and supervision.
  • With the exception of designated off-leash park areas, all pets must be on a leash when in public.
  • Owners must carry a leash with them at all times.
  • Use the pet waste stations.
  • Observe pet etiquette rules and all other rules and regulations when visiting a park with pets.

The project included general utility and earthworks, new signs and a dog bag dispenser, along with other amenities.

The dog park is surfaced with non-toxic engineered wood fibre chips specifically made for dog parks that knit together to avoid splinters and sharp edges, the city states in a release. The chips help to reduce mud puddles, craters and dust and dirt in a dog park.