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Prince George’s Kendall Kershaw outvoted by fierce competition for 2020 Maxim Cover Girl

Fitness coach didn’t receive enough votes to reach semi-finals of world-wide contest

A Prince George woman is excited for what her future holds despite losing a bid to become the next Maxim Magazine Cover Girl.

Kendall Kershaw was hoping to make the semi-finals of the 2020 competition after winning her group in the previous qualifying round, but unfortunately didn’t garner enough votes to move on and placed ninth in the quarter-finals.

The most recent voting period ended on Thursday (July 16), to which the winner from each of the quarter-final categories moved on to the next round.

“It was an absolute joy to be able to participate in the competition at all,” said Kershaw to PrinceGeorgeMatters, adding she felt very accomplished to make it as far as she could against hundreds of other girls.

“The competition was fierce and it felt incredible to be a part of! I certainly look forward to competing again next year, but this year, [I’m] excited to shift my focus to preparing for my upcoming pro qualifier.”

The Prince George fitness coach is referring to the 2020 International Bodybuilding Pro Qualifier, currently scheduled for Nov. 21 in Toronto, where she looks forward to achieving her goal of becoming a ‘Bikini Pro’ yet another year.

She believes her entry into Maxim’s Cover Girl contest not only helped her network on a larger scale, but also brought on a new sense of self-confidence.

“Looking back, I am most proud of the decision to participate in this competition in the first place! I was nervous to put myself out there, but I also believe that's exactly what you need to do to live the fullest life possible. [...] I look forward to using my new skill to make friends, connections, and improve my business online.”

As stated earlier, Kershaw intends to go for the Cover Girl title again in 2021.

Until then, she’s grateful for the support Prince George residents showed through the six stages of competition she completed since the end of May.

“Taking chances is always a little scary, but it certainly makes it easier to have such an outstanding community supporting me,” Kershaw explained. 

“Every comment, message, ‘congrats’ and ‘good luck’ has meant the world to me. I look forward to doing more to represent this beautiful city over the next few months!”

The winner of Maxim’s annual contest receives a purse equivalent to $75,000; that’s $25,000 in cash and $50,000 towards the photography session for the cover of the magazine’s U.S. edition.


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