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Prince George's Elizabeth Fry Society receives boost from community

100 Heroes Prince George donated $19,000 to the women's shelter
(via Scott McWalter/Facebook)

Prince George has numerous community involved businesses, charities, and other support systems and one of the most important ones received a large donation towards helping women fleeing an abusive relationship or women and children who experience violence. 

100 Heroes Prince George had their second event of the year yesterday evening (Aug. 12), which saw three organizations share their pitch on why they deserve and need funding.

The three organizations up for consideration were the Elizabeth Fry Society, UNBC Athletics, and Big Brothers Big Sisters Prince George (BBBSPG).

For those unfamiliar with 100 Heroes Prince George, the group works like this:

The group will meet once a quarter (four times a year) and here's specifically what happens.

  • A list of nominated Prince George charities are put into a hat and three are pulled out
  • Renting out a small space on a weeknight
  • The three nominated charities each tell a five-minute story
  • Heroes vote anonymously for which one should receive the money
  • Votes are tallied and the winner is handed a check for the whole amount of $10,000 (or more)
  • The entire event is wrapped up in an hour
  • Each member of 100 Heroes Prince George donates $100

The inaugural event saw a total of $14,000 donated to Prince George Animal Rescue, while the second event last night saw the local Elizabeth Fry Society (Amber House) receive $19,000. 

The Amber House is currently a 17-bed transition house for women and children in Prince George fleeing violence and abusive relationships and helps more than 550 women and children each year. 

The house offers: 

  • Basic necessities while in the home
  • Crisis counseling
  • Pet facilities
  • Programs and counseling for children
  • Referral, support and advocacy
  • Wheelchair accessible ramp and facility

Now, there are 192 members and a total of $33,500 has been raised for two charities.  

It was announced in Feb. there would be more housing built by the provincial government in Prince George

The development itself will include 18 transition house beds, 16 units of second-stage housing, and 21 townhouses for permanent affordable housing for women and their children who are leaving violent relationships. 

The Elizabeth Fry Housing Society will be in charge of the day-to-day operations and oversee a tenant selection process for the housing.

"All too often, women are faced with barriers such as poverty and homelessness in their journey to find their way to a safe life with their children," Kathi Heim, executive director, Prince George and District Elizabeth Fry Society and Housing Society said. "This provincial initiative will provide women and their children the full continuum of affordable housing supports where they can take the time to rebuild a safer life and future. We are proud to partner with the Government of B.C. and the City of Prince George to provide a stronger, more comprehensive response to the needs of women and their children leaving domestic violence and abuse."

Some proposed support services include helping women achieve goals and develop the necessary skills to live independently.

This may include: 

  • Individual and group counselling
  • Resources to services such as employment readiness training
  • Workshops about building healthy relationships, financial literacy, self-care and others

Construction for the project is slated to start this fall.