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Prince George wants your help spotting potholes and ponds on the road

City reminding residents to submit a service request to patch potholes
It's pothole season in Prince George.

It’s pothole season in Prince George!

Although this is an annual circumstance, the potholes and puddles recently popping up around the city seem to be particularly numerous this year.

In 2021 so far, crews have patched more than 170 potholes. In 2020, the city patched 4,366 potholes and received 1,445 service requests for pothole repair.

Crews patch potholes and unclog catch basins all year long, but the City of Prince George says these operations ramp up with the first big melt of the year which is currently underway.

In fact, the city adds the wet autumn Prince George experienced last year, followed by the cold snap and heavy snowfall in February, provided an ideal environment for road deterioration. 

The recent warming trend has also melted much of the accumulated snow and ice on city streets and has unveiled a season’s worth of potholes for residents to navigate, resulting in a number of large puddles on the road. 

The city is asking residents to assist crews in their efforts to keep roads as smooth and pothole- and pond-free as possible by contacting the Service Centre when they spot a pothole or large puddle on the road

You can report potholes through the following methods:

The city is also encouraging motorists to exercise extra caution while driving as the snow melts during pothole and ponding season.

If impacted at high speeds, vehicle damage or injury is a possiblity as puddles of meltwater and ponding on the roads often hide potholes.