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Prince George restaurant gets high hazard rating

Northern Health issued Carmel Restaurant a high hazard rating during a Feb. 22 inspection that saw seven violations.
A restaurant kitchen.

After a two-and-a-half year hiatus from Northern Health inspections, Carmel Restaurant received a high hazard rating during a Feb. 22 inspection that saw several violations including two critical and five non-critical.

Critical violations include cold potentially hazardous food stored/displayed above 4 C. Dairy based products including butter, creamers, ranch dressing stored at above 21.7 degrees Celsius, which could cause bacterial growth and possibly food borne illness.

The second critical violation occurred when adequate handwashing stations were not available for employees. Knives, pans, cups were obstructions in the hand-washing sinks. This was corrected during inspection.

Non-critical violations included food not protected from contamination and significant mould and bacteria bio-film growth inside ice machine.

Conditions were observed that allow entrance/harbour/breeding of pests. A large buildup of stacked recycling and garbage bins in lower basement area was also seen.

Food premises were not maintained in sanitary condition, the inspection found. Food spills and organic debris were observed throughout the facility, including on walls, shelves, floor, cupboards, and cooler handles.

Equipment/utensils/food contact surfaces were found to be not of suitable design/material. Observed surfaces were not sufficiently maintained, sealed, or durable to facilitate regular cleaning and sanitizing, the inspection report noted.

Shatter proof lighting covers were also missing in the kitchen area.