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Prince George man captures trail camera video of bear dancing in the woods

The footage was captured about three weeks ago.

More video evidence of bears being bears.

This latest one is a little unusual, as it shows a bear wandering through the woods and then stopping at a small tree.

The bear then stands up on his hind legs, uses its mouth to grab the tree near the top, and then starts to shimmy up and down. The bear looks like it's dancing while it scratches its back.

Prince George resident Mike Kosty tells Castanet he captured the video about three weeks ago on his property.

"I have about 45 acres. I've seen a bunch of funny bear stuff," he says, noting the time stamp on the video is not accurate.

Kosty says he put up the trail camera near a bench and he has captured video of bears sitting on the bench and admiring the view — but the dancing bear takes the cake.

"We have a lot of bears here. I can't be sure if it's the same bear, but it looks like it is and it looks like he really enjoys that tree," Kosty says. "Cute little thing."