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Prince George Citizen acquires Hell Yeah Prince George

Prince George Citizen owners Cameron Stolz and Terresa Randall-Stolz have purchased Hell Yeah Prince George to further their pro-Prince George mandate.
Dave Mothus, Hell Yeah Prince George founder, left, and Cameron Stolz, owner of The Prince George Citizen, take a moment to celebrate the Citizen's acquisition of Hell Yeah's Facebook page. Another step towards Stolz's pro-Prince George mandate.

Prince George Citizen owners Cameron Stolz and Terresa Randall-Stolz have purchased the Hell Yeah Prince George Facebook page to further their pro-Prince George mandate.

When Hell Yeah Prince George founder, Dave Mothus, approached Stolz with the idea soon after he made the purchase of the local newspaper, Stolz said he knew the move would help him continue in his quest of unabashedly promoting Prince George.

“Around the time of Hell Yeah’s tenth anniversary the administrators realized it was time to begin seeking solutions for who would take the Facebook page into the next decade,” Mothus said. “The Prince George Citizen and the City of Prince George were considered and after reading the pro-Prince George stance of the new owners of The Citizen it became an easy decision.”

Since its inception in 2014, Hell Yeah Prince George has been a community booster through social media and will continue to do so as part of Stolz’s growing media empire.

“We’d like to recognize the founders of Hell Yeah Prince George, Dave Mothus and Scott McWalter, and the original administrators Susan and Chuck Chin, Kris Foot, Jes Hoeg, and Rob Viergever as we celebrate their ingenuity in coming up with a platform that truly celebrates the great things going on in Prince George,” Stolz said.

Stolz was delighted with the prospect of furthering his support of the Prince George community through social media since Facebook's parent company, Meta, said it will block all news sharing on its platforms in Canada in response to the government’s Bill C-18 that forced big tech companies to pay news outlets for posting on their platforms.

“We can share our pro-Prince George message with even more people this way,” Stolz said.

Prince George businesses will continue to advertise on Hell Yeah’s Facebook page. Moving forward there will be a $10 fee for the service. All fees will be put into a fund to support a different non-profit organization in the community each month.

Businesses will have a further opportunity to purchase the Hell Yeah Prince George banner for $25,000 a month, which will go to things like rebuilding walking trails in Cottonwood Island Park, creating neighbourhood parks and building winter-city bus shelters around Prince George.