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Prince George Chamber of Commerce opens new office location

The Chamber is now sharing a building with the Community Foundation and Hubspace
PG Chamber building
The Prince George Chamber of Commerce is now located at 102-1584 7 Avenue.

The Prince George Chamber of Commerce has opened a new office location in Prince George.

The Chamber is now located at 102-1584 7 Avenue downtown, which is a shared office building.

“During the pandemic, our board and team discussed our role, responsibility and how best we can serve our members. As a result of these discussions, it was determined that we could better allocate our resources if we did not have to manage the building, too,” said Todd Corrigall, CEO, Prince George Chamber of Commerce.

“In our new location, we have access to other like-minded organizations who are equally focused on creating a better community for all of our residents, current and future.”

Following the sale of the co-owned location in May of 2021, the Prince George Chamber of Commerce is now co-located with both the Prince George Community Foundation and Hubspace. The Chamber is located in Unit 102 of the building.

“We feel this location provides the visibility for our organization in the community but allows the team easy access to our business districts where our members are located,” said Ray Noonan, President of the Board.

“Todd and his team have worked incredibly hard over the years to increase our personal interactions with members, and this further allows that to take hold.”

While the Chamber office and team are available throughout the week, members are encouraged to connect with someone before coming by as the team will be out with members regularly.