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PGCOS lacks volunteers to clear snow from seniors' driveways

Those in need of help being referred to local contractors
Snow blower

The Prince George Council of Seniors could use a few volunteers to help clear snow from seniors' driveways.

Coinciding the recent bouts of heavy snowfall, the organization received a flurry of phone calls from pensioners and the disabled in need of help.

But the best the PGCOS could do was to offer them phone numbers for contractors who provide the service in town.

That's in contrast to last winter when the PGCOS could call on any of four or five volunteers equipped with snowblowers and shovels. The service was offered free of charge but tips were welcomed.

PGCOS vice president Virginia Parsons said the organization is lacking volunteers across the board this year and attributed the dearth to the pandemic.

"They can't go out like they used to because they're so vulnerable to this," Parsons said. 

Those interest in volunteering can call the PGCOS at 250-564-5888.

Meanwhile, PGCOS is now looking for a new executive director.

After 14 years, Lola-Dawn Fennell stepped down from the position effective Dec. 31. Parsons said the board hopes to have a new person in place by March 1.