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Parks board orders homeless encampment at Vancouver park removed, again

The order follows a similar order from July 8.

The community of unhoused people at CRAB Park next to the Port of Vancouver have been ordered to move, again, and may face a court injunction to enforce the order.

The city's parks board has authorized the general manager Donnie Rosa to seek an injunction should the park not be vacated by 10 a.m. Thursday (Sept. 9) by those using tents on the park's property.

The parks board cites the need to close the park grounds for remediation in a media release issued Tuesday.

The board notes the new order is specifically for the southwest section of CRAB Park.

"The new order is in addition to a GM order issued on July 8, 2021, that temporary shelters and structures are prohibited anywhere in CRAB Park to ensure the park remains available to all park users. This order remains in effect until further notice," the organization states in the release.

The park has been the site of an encampment for several months now, following the clearing of Strathcona Park. Previously it was the site of a camp in 2020.

The parks board has worked with people living at the park says Rosa in the release, but 45 people are still living there. They're allowed to seek an injunction to clear the park of homeless campers if indoor housing is available in the city; BC Housing has confirmed space is available.

In an in-camera meeting (not open to the public) the board decided to delegate the ability to seek an injunction for CRAB Park to Rosa.

"The Board has the utmost confidence in the General Manager and after thorough briefings from staff, is delegating the authority to seek an injunction to GM Rosa,” says Camil Dumont, chair of the Vancouver Park Board, in the release.