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Let’s all try to laugh more, says Prince George woman about COVID-19 frustrations

The following article was submitted to PrinceGeorgeMatters from Amanda Holmes, writer for Humour Me, Girl from PG.

Laughter. It really is the best medicine!

I love laughing. I love hearing people laugh. I love making people laugh!

Everyone has their own unique way of laughing. My favourite laugh is the one that infects everyone else.

I have died laughing before just watching others laugh.

There’s a few of us in my family who have very unique laughs. My sister has a laugh that we call the “seatbelt.” Her entire torso from the waist up throws itself back and forth, while her eyes are tightly closed, mouth is open, but no sound really escapes.

I have witnessed the seatbelt laugh also accompanied by small screams. To a stranger, it may look more like a painful seizure than an expression of hilarity.

It got its name from the fact that she needs to be wearing a seatbelt to protect herself when these fits of laughter strike.

Then there’s my mom! 

My mom's laugh is frightening. It’s so loud and unexpected, more like a shriek than a laugh.

It starts innocently enough, but God forbid if something else funny happens in the middle of her laugh, then the shrieking begins.

Now, my family is all very familiar with my mom's laugh.

However, my poor five-month-old grandson is not. He is still learning who all his newfound family is, and what makes each of us different.

He now knows that his GG is capable of scaring the s*** out of him over and over and over again.

The below video is the last scare he was given over lunch today.

We were too busy laughing at the first eight times it happened to grab a phone and record it.

I hope my video gives you all a little chuckle as well.

Let’s all try to laugh more!