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Gang associate arrested

A loaded gun and a dummy grenade were part of what police found in another takedown associated to the Game Tight Soldiers.

A loaded gun and a dummy grenade were part of what police found in another takedown associated to the Game Tight Soldiers.

The GTS gang has been the target of several Mountie operations in recent months, and the latest took place in the early hours of Sunday. Joey Lamont Arrance, 31, and two as-yet unnamed females, aged 24 and 56, were arrested together at a home in the 4300 block of Foster Road. Police came through the door with a search warrant at the ready.

Arrance is charged with weapons offenses. He is well known to Prince George RCMP, said spokeswoman Const. Lesley Smith, and is considered an associate of the GTS organized crime group.

"A search of the residence located a loaded 10mm Glock handgun and loaded spare magazine," said Smith. "Also located was an inert, pineapple style grenade and a soft body armor vest."

The females were released with further court action pending. Arrance was held in custody.

Police weren't finished there. As a result of what they found in the Foster Road residence, they were led to a second premise.

"As a result of their findings at the Foster Road residence, RCMP executed a second search warrant in the 2200 block of Quince Street. That investigation is still on going at this time," said Smith. "This investigation was part of the ongoing targeted enforcement initiative by the Prince George detachment against local gangs. Our efforts are being noticed by the public and we continue to work together in order to make this community a safer place to live."

A public symposium focused on organized crime is scheduled for Nov. 1 and 2 at The Ramada Hotel.

Initiated by the Prince George Citizen with the support of the Prince George and North District RCMP, the event is entitled the Gang Crime Summit. It's organization is being helped by Community Policing, Immigrant and Multicultural Services Society, City of Prince George, Downtown Business Improvement Association, Prince George Aboriginal Business and Community Development Centre, with more partners emerging.

Day 1 will be a series of discussions and analyses of the gang crime situation in Prince George particularly, but also in a provincial and national sense. There will also be light shed on some of the local agencies (social, government, law enforcement, health, etc.) that are already there to help, and what holes might exist in that framework.

Day 2 will be a set of small-group and open-forum discussions, including an 'Open Space' brainstorming exercise to draw up a set of recommendations as to how to mobilize better against gangs and organized crime.