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Football coach running for Prince George school board

Mike Rositano has been coaching football in Prince George for 33 years
Mike Rositano SD57
Volunteer football coach Mike Rositano is running as an SD57 trustee.

Mike Rositano, a volunteer football coach, said he was inspired to run as a trustee for the School District No. 57 board of trustees because he wants the focus of the board to be children and teachers, not politics.

“Schools should be apolitical. All points of view should be considered and respected. Diversity should be embraced and recognized as a strength.  Schools should be inclusive,” said Rositano.

He has been a football coach for 33 years and has sat on the board of the former Prince George Minor Football Association as president, vice president, and coach director.

He was also the northern representative for BC High School Football for eight years and the northern representative for community football for one year.

Rositano also works for Canfor Pulp and has been in the union for 21 years where he was elected to the positions of executive as treasurer, corresponding secretary and deputy chief shop steward for the PPWC Local 9.

“Schools should be student-centred. Programs should adapt to individual students' needs, not students having to adapt to programs. Retention improves when student needs are met. Retention improves when students can follow their dreams, whether in academics, the trades, arts or in sports,” said Rositano.

“Students need to know they are valued by providing them with the resources to follow those dreams. Teachers need support in having a healthy and safe environment to work in.”

He said his goals are diversity, inclusion, integration, curriculum, retention and support for teachers.

Rositano was born and raised in Prince George and said he has always wanted to give back the community.

He’s also a cancer survivor and has participated in the Wheelin’ Warriors of the North as a rider.

“I feel I would be the best person because my focus is on the children and the teachers, not my political ambition,” added Rositano.

On Oct. 15 voters will have to elect five trustees to represent Prince George on the board of education.