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Fire destroys travel trailer parked in residential driveway

Firefighters prevent damage to adjacent houses in Saturday night blaze

Fire destroyed a fifth-wheel trailer just off Highway 97 Saturday night.

The trailer, parked between houses on Central Street East between Eighth Avenue and Tenth Avenue, erupted into flames that shot high into the night sky.

Trailer owner Rob Clark was asleep in his house when he heard a neighbour, Chris Barton, pounding on his door to alert him about the fire at about 9:30 p.m. Saturday.

“The flames were definitely up there and then once the propane bottles got going there was a lot of fire coming out of them,” said Clark.

Prince George Fire Rescue crews from three halls responded to the call and contained the fire, keeping it from causing damage to the nearby residences.

“We got really lucky that way, they got it under control pretty quick,” said Clark.

He was able to move his two trucks away from the trailer but not far enough away to keep one of them from getting scorched from the flames that shot sideways from the burning propane bottles. The trailer and truck were insured.

The fire caused a commotion of onlookers who converged on the street and the congestion held up emergency vehicles and interfered with the arrival of more firefighters to the scene.

"I would like to thank Prince George fire department for working hard and responding so fast," said Laura Clarj-Dachnych.

"We had our camping trailer burning close to our house as well as our neighbors; thankfully they got it controlled so the houses didn't start on fire. Also a huge thank you to our neighbors who all helped out as well."