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Driver shares video of B.C. crash which smashes his truck and trailer

Chad Willox - Sicamous semi flip impact
A semi fails to make a proper turn along a highway near Sicamous and flips over, colliding into several on-coming traffic. (via Chad Willox)

The driver of a truck and trailer smashed in a six-vehicle crash last week in the Shuswap area has shared a video of the incident, including the moment of impact.

Chad Willox was driving on Wednesday (July 15) west of Sicamous when an oncoming semi-tractor trailer filled with groceries tipped over as it went around a bend, careening into several vehicles including Willox's pick-up truck and trailer.

The accident involved two semis, three pickups and an SUV.

According to police, the semi-truck failed to properly turn, crossed the double yellow and tipped over.

Willox is now sharing dashcam video of the incident on Facebook.

It's from the vehicle following his truck and trailer, and shows the semi losing its balance.

Willox appears to try to avoid the bigger vehicle by driving off the shoulder of the road, but the trailer slides across the highway and hits Willox's truck.

Luckily, by being farther over, Willox is able to avoid a larger impact.

The truck and trailer than slide directly into the vehicle with the dashcam.

In his post, Willox calls for changes to the Commercial Vehicle Regulations and Training.

In comments on the video, he notes he has millions of miles of driving experience.