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Covering key topics: Prince George schools' superintendent says students to focus on primary education

Literacy, numeracy and core competencies
Anita Richardson (right) sits at the Board of Education table during a meeting with the media. (via Hanna Petersen)
Prince George parents are wanting to know more about their child's education in a system that's never been conducted by a school district.
The COVID-19 pandemic forced the immediate closure of all B.C. schools on March 17 when Spring Break began, but regions have since enabled online regiments for students to continue their studies at home.
School District 57 (SD57) has adjusted its day-to-day learning and Superintendent Anita Richardson answered some commonly asked questions from local parents regarding the new system.
"That continuity of learning should be focusing on literacy, numeracy and the core competencies," says Richardson, explaining students should be learning 10 to 12 hours per week.
Topics in the video below also cover class expectations and supporting children of essential workers.