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Council postpones decision on Ospika seniors housing project

Council is seeking additional information from the developer regarding a proposed 118-unit seniors housing project at the corner of Ospika and Tyner Boulevards.

City council is seeking more information, before making a decision regarding a proposed 118-unit seniors housing complex at the corner of Ospika and Tyner Boulevards.

Vancouver-based developer The HUB Collection (1268628 BC Ltd) is making a second request to city council to allow a seniors housing complex to be built at 4500 Ospika Blvd. On Feb. 6, city council rejected changing a restrictive covenant on the land to allow the seniors housing project to move ahead. The City of Prince George sold the land to the developer in July 2020, on the condition the developer would build a 256-unit student housing complex on the 5.6-hectare lot within 24 months. Under the agreement, the City of Prince George had the right to purchase the land back for $485,000, if The Hub Collection didn’t meet its obligations under the covenant.

In a rationale letter presented to city council on Monday, The HUB Collection managing partner Ashley de Grey Osborn said the company hired consults CB Richard Ellis to conduct an independent feasibility study on the proposal.

“I don’t see that study in this supporting (letter) or the package,” Coun. Ron Polillo said. “We don’t have it to make an informed decision.”

Polillo said council has heard concerns about the site’s suitability for seniors housing, but if their feasibility study supports the plan “it’s a compelling piece for his argument.”

Mayor Simon Yu and councillors Trudy Klassen and Brian Skakun opposed the motion to postpone consideration of the issue to the next meeting of council, which passed 6-3.

“I will absolutely not support this,” Skakun said. “It’s his or her responsibility to bring their information.”