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City working on homeless centralization strategy

An implementation strategy and security report will come back to city council.
The east end of the Lower Patricia encampment, called Moccasin Flats by residents, is seen on March 9.

The City of Prince George is working on an implementation strategy to centralize homeless campers in the city at the Lower Patricia encampment – named Moccasin Flats by residents.

On Monday night, city council gave the first three readings to an amendment to the city’s Parks and Open Spaces to designate Moccasin Flats as the only public space in the city where overnight camping is allowed.

“Until final reading and adoption, the city will not be taking any action,” a city spokesperson said in an email. “Council directed staff through a resolution to return with a report on security and policing implications at the central site and around the Millar Addition. Furthermore, a strategy is presently under development that will address many key topics associated with this centralization model. This strategy will be presented at a future council meeting.”

The city does not intend to provide any services to residents at the Moccasin Flats site.

“At this time, there are no plans for the city to provide camp management services as this is outside of municipal government responsibility and expertise,” the spokesperson said.