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City spent $42.2M on capital works in 2023: draft annual report

1O projects account for slightly more than $25 million led by road rehabilitation at slightly less than $6 million
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The city spent $42.2 million on capital projects last year, according to a report from the city's financial officer included in a draft annual report released Friday.

The work was spread over 99 projects, with 10 of them accounting for slightly more than $25 million and led by road rehabilitation at just under $6 million. In all, 58.5 lane kilometres were resurfaced.

Next largest was a construction of a new water storage reservoir on Boundary Road to serve the Airport Industrial Lands and Logistics Park and to enhance "fire flow storage" for the Danson and BCR industrial areas.

Some $3.8 million had been spent on the work as of the end of 2023, leaving about $2.8 million in the budget. Tank delivery was expected to occur over the winter months with installation and construction continuing in spring 2024. 

Mobile equipment replacement cost $3.4 million, including three backhoes, a tandem axle dump truck, three sidewalk machines, a parks mower, and two pickup trucks. One fire pumper unit, one street sweeper, five parks mowers and two garbage packers were tendered in 2023 for delivery in 2024.

Slightly less than $2.2 million went to sanitary sewer re-routing from the city's lagoons to the wastewater treatment centre in response to new federal discharge regulations.

The ongoing West Acres pump station and forcemain project was a priority with the Danson and BCR lagoons listed as future projects under the program for which $6.6 million has been budgeted.

New watermains accounted for $2.05 million. Second phase of the Vista Ridge project was completed in 2023 with final connections scheduled for this year. In total, $2.96 million has been budgeted.

Watermain replacement cost $1.9 million. The work included replacement of the watermain along 3rd Avenue from Vancouver Street to Victoria Street and along 5th Avenue between Ospika Boulevard and Highway 97 as part of the Stuart Drive project.

An upgrade of the refrigeration system at Kin Centre added up to $1.6 million with $2.6 million remaining in the budget. The refrigeration portion was completed in 2023 with heat recovery install beginning in the first quarter of 2024. A grant from the Clean B.C. Communities Fund covers 73 per cent of the cost, leaving $1.2 million on the city's tab.

Stormwater drainage maintenance costs were $1.57 million. Projects completed include catch basin cleaning and inspections, erosion control measures, relining, design, ditching renewal, Queensway dike work, and catch basin and cross culvert replacements.

The new roundabout at Foothills Boulevard and 18th Avenue cost $1.3 million. It was opened at the end of September 2023 with a performance review scheduled to be ready by the end of this year. Another $80,141 went toward the work prior to 2023.

In all, 3.3 kilometres of sidewalk were rehabilitated at a cost of $1.15 million. Key projects included 3rd Avenue, McGill Crescent, Johnson Street, Victoria Street, Austin Road West, Strathcona in concrete and Foothills Boulevard and 20th Avenue in asphalt.

The city's reserve funds totalled nearly $169 million, up $23 million due in part to the addition of $13 million from the provincial government's BC Growing Communities Fund to aid municipalities with infrastructure projects.

For 2022, $14.1 million went to debt servicing. Based on 25 per cent of $188.6 million of "controllable revenue" (property taxes; payments in lieu of taxes; user fees; and unconditional grants), the city's limit stood at $47.1 million of which $33 million remained available. 

Figures for 2023 were not available at the time of the report.

The annual report is open for public comments which will be included along with the report in city council's June 24 regular meeting agenda package.

Paper copies are available for viewing at the Service Centre on the first floor of City Hall and at the Legislative Services Division on the fifth floor during regular business hours.

Written submissions about the report should be forwarded to the corporate officer by 5 p.m. on June 18 to be included in council’s agenda package. Submissions received after that will be provided to council on the day of the meeting for their consideration.

Submissions may be sent by email to

More information is available at Public Notice: Consideration of the 2023 Annual Report.