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City of Prince George’s former lawyer running for mayor

Roy Stewart was the solicitor for the City of Prince George for 20 years.

Prince George lawyer Roy Stewart announced his candidacy for mayor in an event on Saturday.

Stewart previously served as a School District 57 trustee and board chairperson in the 1980s, was a key figure in the Interior University Society and UNBC Foundation, advocated for the construction of the new court house downtown and is currently president of the Prince George Symphony Orchestra.

“As a lawyer in private practice (Stewart) was the solicitor for the City of Prince George for twenty years, until 2001, advising on all legal matters,” a statement issued by Stewart’s campaign said. “As well, (Stewart) acted as solicitor for the Regional District of Fraser-Fort George, the District of Mackenzie and other local governments. This provides a unique knowledge of how mayor and council can and should take responsibility for the administrative process at city hall.”

Stewart identified his top five priorities as:

  1. Finding solutions to the issues caused by homelessness.
  2. Changing the attitude of the city to investment and development.
  3. Magnifying the accountability of elected officials, demanding transparency.
  4. Revising current practices to ensure public spending is controlled to avoid overspending and unnecessary tax hikes.
  5. Changing the image of the City of Prince George, here, provincially, and in the world.