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City installing new toilet facility at Moore's Meadow nature park

Outhouse upgrade also coming to Connaught Hill Park; Ginter's Meadow project completed
Moore's Meadow potty
A new outhouse at Moore's Meadow nature park, near the Foothill Boulevard parking lot, is near completion.

Moore’s Meadow nature park, in the northwest bowl section of the city, is getting an upgrade that will make it more accessible to visitors.

City crews have been busy this week putting the finishing touches on new toilet facilities.

A new outhouse is being built near the main parking lot on the west side of the park, just off Foothills Boulevard. The concrete has been poured and city crews expected to install the enclosure and complete the $27,000 facility before the weekend. It replaces an older outhouse that did not meet building and accessibility codes.

Moore’s Meadow is one of three city parks to get new outhouses this year. An outhouse project was completed late in the summer at Ginter’s Meadow near Exhibition Park, which had no outhouse until this year, and a replacement outhouse is expected to be finished next week at Connaught Hill Park.

The outhouses are similar to those built last year at Wilson Park and Forests For The World. None are equipped with plumbing and all are in the same price range.