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BCCDC flags another Prince George Flair Airlines flight for potential COVID-19 exposure

Flight was from Prince George to Edmonton on Nov. 2
Flair Airlines at the Prince George Airport. (via Facebook/YXS - Prince George Airport Authority)

Another Flair Airlines flight involving the Prince George Airport has been listed by the BC Centre for Disease Control (BCCDC) with potential COVID-19 exposure. 

Passengers on Flair Airlines flight 8187 on Nov. 2 from Prince George to Edmonton should self-monitor for symptoms for 14 days. 

The BCCDC says the rows affected are 26-32. This is the fourth flight involving Prince George and Flair Airlines. 

On Oct. 29, in a message to the Prince George Airport Authority, the company says its temporarily stopping service in and out of YXS as 'adjustments to the fleet' are being made across its network. 

The airline says the adjustments were to begin today (Nov. 10) with a goal of resuming service by Dec. 18. 

"We apologize for the temporary reduction of service," says Flair Airlines, adding customers whose flights are being cancelled will be received a full refund.

Since March 27, passengers seated near a case of COVID-19 that was recognized after arrival are no longer being directly notified of their potential exposure, but are asked to check online and monitor their symptoms.

Flair Airlines said, in a statement, it hopes to restart flights out of Prince George by Dec. 18

The other flights involving YXS that had a passenger exposed to COVID-19 are as follows: