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A public-safety reminder from Prince George RCMP as pedestrian suffers serious injuries from vehicle incident

Investigation continues into Spruceland-area collision
Crosswalk at night - Getty Images
Prince George RCMP are reminding pedestrians to be seen by drivers at night and to use well-lit crosswalks after a man was sent to hospital with serious injuries on Nov. 7, 2020. (via Getty Images)

Wear reflective clothing and utilize well-lit crosswalks.

That’s the message of the Prince George RCMP today (Nov. 9) after responding to a pedestrian-involved collision over the weekend in the Spruceland-area that sent a man to hospital to be treated for serious injuries.

The public-safety reminder applies to both pedestrians and drivers about being seen at night.

After taking witness statements from the Saturday (Nov. 7) incident, which was reported around 7:40 p.m., police believe the man was wearing dark clothing, listening to music with earphones and stepped in front of a small SUV heading westbound on Fifth Avenue near Ruggles Street.

The vehicle struck the pedestrian, the driver remained on scene and police also believe alcohol was not a factor.

An investigation is still ongoing from the collision as evidence was collected.

While RCMP are thanking residents that provided medical aid to the man before paramedics arrived, they’re also reminding the public to see and be seen.

Pedestrians should take caution with the days getting darker at earlier times with the seasons changing, reflective clothing should be worn and always use crosswalks.

For drivers, Prince George police are asking them to expect residents to be out and about in the evenings and to drive carefully on any given road.