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Theatre NorthWest unveils summer sewing camps

If you have any neckties, fabric scissors, working sewing machines, or other sewing supplies to donate for use in our camps, we’ll happily take them!
Sewing for Young Children is one of the summer sewing camps at Theatre NorthWest.

Now that our mainstage season has ended, we’re gearing up for our highly anticipated Summer Sewing Camps.

We’re almost ready to welcome our first group of students and kick off five weeks of fun-filled classes. Read on to learn about each of our camps – we made sure there’s something for everyone.

Sewing for Young Children (July 4 – 7 and August 8 – 11)

This is a beginner-level class for children between 7 and 10 years old. Each camp is four days long. Projects are fun, simple, and approachable.

Beginner (July 10 – 14 and July 31 – August 4)

This class is for people of any age who are brand-new to sewing. If you’ve never touched a sewing machine before and have no idea what a backstitch is, this class is for you. By the end of the week, you’ll have a grasp of the basics.

Intermediate (July 17 – 21)

People of any age who are comfortable with a sewing machine (or who previously took the beginner class and found it easy) will find their home in this class. These projects are more challenging than those in beginner but require slightly less speed and focus than those in the advanced class.

Advanced (July 24 – 28)

This camp is for people of any age who are confident in their sewing abilities and ready for a challenge. The projects are more intricate and require attention to detail, patience, and steady work. Come tackle zippers, bias-bound seams, and complex shapes. By the end of the week, you’ll have so much to be proud of.

Mixed Level Camp (July 10 – 14)

This camp is open to people of all ages and skill levels – absolute beginner to advanced. Here, groups of friends or siblings can enjoy sewing camp together while working on projects appropriate to their individual levels of experience. If you need a “friend date” idea, this is a good one.

Upcycling (July 17 – 21)

This is a fun, choose-your-own-adventure-style class for confident sewists of any age who love today’s “upcycled” fashion trends. In this camp, we will suggest several techniques to upcycle clothes, but each student decides exactly what alterations to make to their personal clothing items. Let your creativity guide you and choose to attempt all, some, or even just one of the techniques covered in class. You’re also welcome to try other techniques or work on your own creative vision during class. The goal is creativity.

Neckties (July 24 – 28)

Do you have a necktie (or two, or three…) that you no longer wear, but which holds a special memory? Bring it to this camp and incorporate it into a unique project. We’ll transform neckties into full-length aprons, placemats, skirts, and tote bags. Be aware that zig-zag-stitching ties together might become your new favorite relaxation technique. I personally find it as satisfying as those kinetic sand videos on YouTube!

The projects in this camp are suitable for students at an intermediate level or higher.

Making Clothes (July 31 – August 4)

Many students have requested a camp dedicated exclusively to making clothes, so we listened. Come to this class if making dresses, sweaters, or other kinds of clothes is what you dream of. If you’re comfortable using a sewing machine and working independently, you already have what it takes.

Bring a sewing pattern of your choice (appropriate for your skill level) and enough fabric and notions to complete the project. We’ll teach you to take proper measurements, cut fabric conservatively, understand commercial pattern instructions, and make alterations for proper fit. At the end of the week, you’ll be able to wear your garment home.

Has a class piqued your interest? Visit to register before it fills up.

Psst! If you have any neckties, fabric scissors, working sewing machines, or other sewing supplies to donate for use in our camps, we’ll happily take them!.Drop them off at Theatre NorthWest on Mondays between 9 a.m. and 2 p.m. Our students will thank you.