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Southern Death Threat good news for Prince George

Uttering death threats is against the law. Don't do it. Listening to Southern Death Threat not against the law. You need to do it.

Uttering death threats is against the law. Don't do it.

Listening to Southern Death Threat not against the law. You need to do it.

Southern Death Threat, a metal band, will be hitting Prince George as the kick-off to their spring tour taking place March 6 at the Rum Jungle.

Brennan Eyles, who grew up in Prince George, started up the band and plays guitar. Eyles was a professional lacrosse player when he left town.

"That's was my ticket outta Prince George," said Eyles. He went down to Vancouver and brought his guitars. Playing lacrosse, playing guitar, something had to give.

"It was hard because of all the fighting - it was hard on the hands, so I retired from lacrosse and kept going with music and it seems to be working out pretty good now," said Eyles.

In Vancouver he lived with a family member who had a studio and rehearsal space that helped him focus on his guitar and drum skills.

After playing with other musicians for a time, Eyles decided to branch off on his own and he started Southern Death Threat.

There's been a few musicians come and go from the band but Eyles has always written all the music and other members have written or helped write the lyrics. There's other songs he's written, too.

"I've written the Calgary Roughnecks (lacrosse team) theme song. I also wrote a song called Rusty featured in Kill Switch, a Steven Seagal movie and I've got a cameo appearance in the movie, too," said Eyles. That's his second movie. He was in Little Brother of War, a lacrosse movie, too.

For the next little while Southern Death Threat will be in-studio working on their new music with Nickelback's multi-platinum producer Joey Moi.

Todd Hancock and Dave Brenner are the band's managers, Eyles added, who is also a DJ known as Mr. Tequila on CFOX in Vancouver.

"So we have been in the company of Nickelback," said Eyles. "I hang out with Chad Kroeger and I get advice from him. Chad Kroeger is the Wayne Gretsky of song writing, so I wanna soak up what he does."

Southern Death Threat band members still have to keep their day jobs, unlike Nickeblack, he added. Every now and then Eyles will get a text from Kroeger's people telling him to come join the fun at 10 p.m. on a work night and sure enough Eyles will go, suffering the 4 a.m. blues only to get up for work at 7, he said.

"I'll get a text that says 'Get the f down here' so I go," said Eyles. "Chad is a good guy, and Nickeback writes good music."

There's word that Kroeger may play a guitar solo on one of tracks on the new Death Threat CD, Eyles added.

"We're trying to be the next biggest metal band to come out of Canada," said Eyles. "We're a touring band and with the name Southern Death Threat we're really popular in Texas and Tennessee. We got a lot of fans down there."

During a concert there are certain expectations of a metal band.

"The people that come to our show, they know what we do - we're gonna kick your ass because I'm a tough lacrosse player from Prince George, so you know I'm gonna kick your ass, now I just do it with my guitar," laughed Eyles.

Prince George is a great city, he added.

"We always have a great time playing there, of course my whole family and all my childhood friends come to my show and it's like a big Prince George reunion and it's definitely the highlight of my tour," said Eyles.

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