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Radical Sex Witches - a local podcast success

With more than 3,000 downloads since they started their podcast in March the Radical Sex Witches have reached a pinnacle where they will now gear up to take it to the next level.
Radical Sex Witches for web
Radical Sex Witches is a successful local podcast presented by Carla Wainwright and Leah Coghlan.

With more than 3,000 downloads since they started their podcast in March the Radical Sex Witches have reached a pinnacle where they will now gear up to take it to the next level.

Leah Coghlan and Carla Wainwright are the Radical Sex Witches who are trying to reach those who are looking for more pleasure, turn on and a deeper connection to their own body.

Wainwright, who used to be a wildlife biologist, switched gears to become one of the founding owners of Chinook Yoga Studio, a sexual empowerment coach, as well as focusing on healing, breath work and tantric embodiment.

“I’ve always felt a deep connection to the healing arts and the mysteries of the world and nature and I was also really interested from a young age in witches and all of those sorts of magical things and on my path in yoga I became more and more connected to the power of the embodiment of the devine feminine and how our innate sexual power is really an incredible healing force and a way to expand our consciousness,” Wainwright said. “So just through my own journey and experience and working with hundreds and hundreds of women I felt like this was actually my true calling and I’ve been doing this now full time for many years.”

Coghlan and Wainwright met about three years ago when Wainwright hired Coghlan as a virtual assistant to help manage her business.

“We’ve become very close friends and we’re aligned in so many ways,” Wainwright said. “Then we started to do this podcast together in March. I wanted to start sharing my knowledge on a new platform and it had been circulating in my mind for a while and I told Leah I wanted to do a podcast and she said ‘I really want to do a podcast!’ and then we said let’s do one together.”

The feedback they’ve gotten is that they’re really good together.

“It’s seems we’ve created a whole lot of magic with our listeners,” Coghlan said. “Doing the podcast together does add a bit more spice. For us it’s about giving two different women’s perspectives on some racier kind of taboo topics - you know her and I talk about this stuff all the time - maybe these are things people are thinking about but not really saying out loud and that’s my life and that’s my mouth that has zero filters.”

Wainwright thinks her knowledge and Leah’s engaging personality is a winning combination.

“Leah is incredibly funny and rather than just me talking and probably being a whole lot more boring-  together we’re so much more dynamic and of course interactive and interesting to listen to because I think we’re a really good complement to one another,” Wainwright said.

Coghlan said they loosely script the show to prep each show to make sure it’s very free flowing.

“I think that’s what makes the conversation more authentic,” Coghlan said, who is known as Little Leah on the show.

The only promotion they’ve done for the show is to include information about it in an already well-established newsletter Wainwright sends out and Instagram, Coghlan said.

“Now people are telling us to start our own Instagram page and really looking to launch the podcast,” Coghlan said. “So we’re going to see if we can start to monetize down the road - knock on wood. We’re considering starting a Patreon to see if we can take this to the next level.”

Patreon is a membership platform that provides business tools for content creators to run a subscription service. It helps creators and artists earn a monthly income by providing rewards and perks to their subscribers.

So the show is a going concern, there’s listeners and now there’s ways to branch out to gain more traction for the podcast.

“We want to make this more of a sustainable focus for us,” Coghlan said. “It’s a really auspicious time right now with the podcast getting all kind of positive feedback and the really great thing is that between Carla and I we have some really great contacts throughout the world and the podcast is really resonating with women and a lot of those women come back to us and say they are telling every woman to listen to us. To hear that people are spreading that message is really lighting a fire under our asses to make this more of a legitimate business as opposed to just a hobby.”

Technically the set up is very simple and low budget. Zoom is the vehicle and they each have a good microphone. Wainwright records the podcast and drops it into GarageBand and uploads it to the podcast site - it’s pretty simple, she added.

And on to the subject matter. Titles of podcasts include Orgasms, Genital Amnesia, Sluts, The C-Word and Lucky Number 13.

“It’s not for the car ride with little kids,” Wainwright said. “And there’s so much to talk about. We’re very sex positive and we’re trying to demystify things about sexuality and being a witch and being radical which is about supporting change and wanting things to evolve and shift. I’ve been doing these healing arts for 25 years so I have a lot to say.”

It’s about breaking down barriers and sexuality and sex talk is a big piece when it comes to the  podcasts, she added.

“We talk about things like what it means to be a modern witch - demystifying that - I also talk about a lot about ceremony and rituals and we also have a lot of guests who are living their lives as radical sex witches and what that means to them,” Wainwright said. “We just want to broaden the conversation. I really hope that our listeners discover they can use their pleasure as a reclamation of power, self love and to lead a life that is turned on in every way and if they choose to use the moniker Radical Sex Witch - definitely thought provoking and edgy - that they can fit into that - there are so many ways women can express their sexuality and use that for their empowerment to move through the world and their own unique form of magic. I’m really hoping that women feel empowered and curious about how they can expand their own pleasure and magic in the world.”

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